Talent Attraction

Talent attraction and acquisition is essential to large employers looking to access the best recruits. Collab Group has brought together an alliance of partners to enhance our ability to recruit and retain apprentices on behalf of employers and clients.

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Programme of delivery

The Talent Attraction programme enables employers to access a wider talent pool and fill skills gaps within their organisations. It connects employers with learners allowing them to use the experience and skills that they have gained through their apprenticeships.

Programme items


Talent attraction

Provides your organisation with the tools to get the best candidates into your organisation


Retention and enhanced apprenticeships

Access services which will build enhanced skills to add value to your apprentice's experience


ROI and assessment

Understand the impact that your apprenticeship programme is having

Benefits to employers:

An alliance of supply-partners has been developed with a view to enhancing our ability to recruit and retain apprentices on behalf of employers and clients. Please contact Collab Group to obtain a brochure which contains a full portfolio of services.

Development of employability skills through a variety of services, making them career ready

Easier and more integrated system to find long-term employment that is relevant to their apprenticeships

Opportunity to use the skills they have gained throughout their learning programmes


The Talent Attraction programme is supported by employer partners.


My Kind of Future

Connecting students with employers to help develop their employability skills to kick start their career.


Get My First Job

Job boards with an extensive database targeted at recruiting prospective candidates.


Talent Finder

Technology solution to match vacancies with candidates using psychometrics and gamification for the effective sifting of candidates.


Brathay Trust

Experiential Learning experiences for apprentices on programme- team building away days.



Delivering entrepreneurship training for apprentices.



Feedback and assessment service provider to gauge learner satisfaction and assess perceived value of apprentices by peers (also a Commercial Partner).

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