London First

London First is a very influential business campaigning group, with a mission to make London a leading city. The organisation is made up of over 200 leading employers across a variety of sectors, with a common commitment to the capital. They mobilise business leaders to tackle the changes that London is facing through a range of events, by publishing reports and liaising with policy makers.

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What we are doing together

Collab Group works with London First to ensure that London’s businesses are provided with a highly skilled workforce. We focus on ensuring that the demand for skills by the leading sectors of the economy is met with a supply of a skilled workforce. This relationship is crucial, as the skills gap in London, and throughout the UK, is a very real challenge for the economy. We have previously worked together on joint events and supported London First in their campaigning activities to bring about changes in the apprenticeship levy system.


London First works in different sectors to push forward London’s leadership.



Advocating to ensure that London’s infrastructure meets the needs of its population.


Built environment

Working to secure vital housing and services developments, like advocating for an effective planning system for the development of London.


Economy and tax

Working with members and stakeholders across the UK on policy interventions that will maximise job creation and economic growth.


Tourism and retail

Focus on promoting key policies that helps London’s retail sector stand out.

Latest News & Publications


The Devolution of the Adult Education Budget to the GLA

In this report, the impact of the Devolution of the Adult Education Budget to the GLA gets discussed.


2019 Collab Group London Colleges Prospectus

We have released our new Collab Group London Colleges prospectus with key information about our partnership.


International Services Prospectus

We have released our new Collab Group international prospectus with key information about our international services.


Non-Traditional Revenues Project bid

Looking for consultants to undertake a detailed study to identify investment options


College Governance: Opportunities and Challenges

In collaboration with Shakespeare Martineau, this paper discusses the importance of good governance in the FE sector


Making apprenticeships work for all - policy

In this publication, we argue for the need of the right building blocks to make a great apprenticeship system.