Competency Training Marketplace (CTM)

CTM is an innovative platform that connects organisations in the rail and construction industries with relevant providers of accredited workplace training. As well as a marketplace, CTM provides an integrated competency management solution that allows organisations to manage, forecast and budget workforce training at the touch of a button, helping to maximise productivity and compliance. Training providers can advertise free-of-charge and enjoy deep customer insights into future training demands allowing them to maximise course attendance and drive increased sales.

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What we are doing together

The CTM platform is a market disrupter that seeks to reduce the complexity of the current disconnected training landscape by providing a streamlined and intuitive solution that connects organisations with a range of training providers.

The platform is a seamless and fully integrated approach to managing workforce development as organisations have easy access to high quality, impactful training and can keep on top of employee needs through advanced analytics which highlight information such as upcoming competency expirations.

Collab group is working with CTM to promote the platform to our members and stakeholders. We believe that CTM offers an innovative solution that can benefit our member colleges and employer clients. We will be working with the team at CTM to harness the expertise of our clients and members to ensure that the platform is optimised to meet the demands of its users.

We have also partnered to undertake a range of activities to raise awareness of the platform amongst a wide range of stakeholders. Collab Group is excited to promote CTM as it offers a truly innovative approach to streamlining and improving the training process for education providers and employers alike.

Benefits of CTM

CTM can demosntrate a range of benefits for employers and training providers. These include:


Manage Risk

Reduces risk of compliance failures, audit challenges and access refusal


Training Access

Provides access to a broad market of organisations’ training need


Reduce Administration

Facilitates access to a wide range of training courses in one intuitive platform. Reduces administration and overhead costs associated with training procurement


Optimise business development

New customer insights offer training providers the opportunity to consider new revenue options and showcasing courses free-of-charge can lead to an extended client base.

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