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Creating Opportunity

This report, created in conjunction with our partner Emsi, is the first aggregate study of its kind and the results show the strength of Collab Group Colleges and the FE Sector as a whole.

The impact of FE couldn’t be more clear, for learners and for our economy. Learners earn significantly more, almost 15% annually, over the course of their lifetimes by attending a Collab Group college.

Many of our learners stay in the UK and their enhanced skills and abilities bolster the output of local employers, leading to higher regional income and a more robust economy. Collab Group colleges create an astounding £33.2 billion in income for the UK economy every year, around 2.1% of the total economic output of the entire country in 2014-15. These are big numbers, our colleges should be commended.

FE, and specifically Collab Group colleges, are a force for good and their impact is undeniable.