a collab group position paper on the further education white paper

The anticipated White Paper for further education will be released amidst the most significant public health and economic crisis in a generation. Colleges will be critical partners in helping to rebuild our economy and contribute to the re-emergence of strong, vital communities. The contribution of colleges as providers of skills and employment opportunities are evident. Equally important is how the partnership between colleges and Government can be improved and how colleges can be strengthened in their unique local environments so they can be accountable to, and free to respond to, the specific needs of their local businesses and communities.

This paper is intended as a contribution to the debate about how further education colleges can build on what they do well and deliver a broad, accessible and high-quality curriculum that is responsive to the demands of rapid social and economic change. It is about ensuring that colleges can play a crucial role in contributing to economic prosperity, business success and empowering individuals and communities.