Rhoda had been on JSA for some time, when she was referred to the ‘Enfield Gateway Project’. She was referred for help with improving her English and Mathematics plus ICT; these are all essential elements that aid the development of higher levels practical skills which apply to real life contexts that in turn build learners independence.

Rhoda was lacking in confidence both on a personal and language level, she was extremely shy and had suffered bad experiences whilst looking for work and during previous learning which had impacted upon her; Rhoda was also feeling isolated.

Over the span of the 9 week course Rhoda became a different person, we learnt that she enjoyed professional wrestling, not just as a spectator but also as a participant. Rhoda enjoyed role plays and hands-on activities, she told me that she “enjoyed the challenge of learning” and “the fact we use different ways to teach the same thing, so those who learn differently are able to learn from this”.

Rhoda went on an interview with ProActive Rail and is currently undergoing their training to commence employment. She had to undertake a group interview and stand up and present a colleague from the interview to the rest of the group. She had to attend a second face to face interview where she had to answer some very tough interview questions which were asked several times but in a variety of ways. This was an amazing feat as Rhoda had NEVER had a job interview before the course so really appreciated all the job interview support we offered.

She had really low confidence before she came on the course but as you can see, she has taken full advantage of the opportunity presented, improved her confidence and this has led to her gaining employment with ProActive Rail in addition to acquiring new skills and qualifications.

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