My name is Jacqui Jones and I work for The Barnet Group, which includes Barnet Homes and Your Choice Barnet. We manage the social housing in the borough of Barnet on behalf of the council; this element is Barnet Homes. We also manage four setting in the borough, which supports adults with disabilities on behalf of the council this comes under Your Choice Barnet.

We’re based at Barnet House in Whetstone, North London and I’m the Employment and training Coordinator. We’ve been working with Barnet and Southgate College for the last seven years and have found the experience of employing apprentices extremely beneficial. This is the sixth year of employing apprentices who receive training from the College. And we have seen the benefits for apprenticeships in not only creating a skilled employee but also in their contribution to our organisation.

We continue to select Barnet and Southgate College as they provide training to the high standards we require at a competitive cost. The highlight of employing an apprentice is that we can support them into permanent paid roles in the organisation following their apprenticeship. Where they have been employed within the organisation since the beginning of their apprenticeship we have watching their career progress. Very rarely apprenticeships have not worked out but this is a very small percentage over the years.

Overall they have benefited the organisation. They have provided new ways of looking at the ways we work resulting in time and cost savings for our organisation so I would definitely recommend taking on an apprentice to support your organisation and working with Barnet and Southgate College to do so.

In addition to this, The Barnet Group are currently working with Barnet and Southgate College to put together a Housing Management level 2 Apprenticeship for 2017/18. And we look forward to working with the College to make this a success.

Jacqui Jones - Employment and Training Coordinator. Tel: 020 8359 4777 Email:

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