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Our Journey to Collab Group

From the release of the Foster Report in 2005 to 10 years on! See our journey as we become Collab Group...

What we do

Collab Group is a forward thinking membership organisation which represents over 35 leading Colleges and College Groups who collaborate, at a local and national level.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders in the development of sustainable professional and technical skills to enable a transformation of the productive capacity of the UK economy. Our broader goal of collaborating with business, government, and the skills sector to transform the UK economy is serviced by our commercial and external relations work.

We begin and maintain relationships on behalf of our members with key industries; developing programmes of joint benefit around delivering for their skills needs and facilitating conversations and deeper partnerships between our members and partners. Our members want to deliver exactly what business, and the economy, needs from them.

Sector Offerings

Our colleges are at the forefront of delivering high quality skills training and we’re focused on how we can add value to the incredible work they are already doing in seven key sectors.

Commercial Offerings

Through our network, we're able to utilise the experience and expertise of our leaders to collectively produce meaningful solutions for both public and private sector clients.
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An Earthquake Hits FE London

Silent earthquake of organisational change has hit FE in the capital


London Capital Colleges - Collab Group Partnership

Pan-London Partnership of FE Colleges Created

Our Members

Our colleges are working together today for the skills of tomorrow.

See how our membership of forward thinking colleges & college groups across the UK are transforming the British economy through the delivery of high-quality, technical and professional education.

Meet the team

About us

Our Partners

Our outstanding corporate and education partners reflect our commitment to collaboration both within and outside the FE sector. Our partners are forward thinking and share our ambition to collaborate to transform the economy through effective skills training. Our joint work is producing exciting achievements in research, commercial ventures and projects.